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Biography of Saso Kos:
Searching for eternity! This would be the phrase used to describe my view of photography. A unique moment in time is caught by a lens where beauty shows its strongest emotions, its innocence and fragility.

The indescribable moments in time where the right feelings are captured and the photograph is taken. The moment becomes everlasting and memorable in the form of a photograph.

Making photographs memorable has been the main aim of my work. Hence I have focused a lot of my attention on personal photography which is marked in all aspects of my work. The presence of strong emotions should excite curiosity in the viewer, making him wonder about the meaning behind the emotions expressed. Personal emotions and a little mystery help me create different impressions each time a photograph is being viewed.

A lot of my education has been based on seeing and understanding light. This is a very important part of emphasizing emotions in my photographs, creating a more intimate relationship between the model and the viewer. Thus making the model desirable and memorable.

Tel.: 00386 (0)41 501 441

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